This section contains information about useful sources of information for those looking to expand their knowledge about pain management. The aim here is to include some key references, but we do not intend this to be an exhaustive list.

Curricula for Pain Education
These International Association for the Study of Pain curricula are a helpful resource for pain educators.

Back Pain Guidelines
This Physiopedia page has links to all of the available guidelines for low back pain from the international community.

Goal setting and action planning
A helpful guide to goal setting and action planning for people with long term conditions, produced by the Department of Health.

Outcome Measures
This CSP resource includes an overview of frequently used outcome measures in rehabilitation.

Pain Terminology
A helpful glossary, from the International Association for the Study of Pain.

Topical Issues in Pain
This series of books is packed with information relevant for physical therapists who work with patients who are in pain. A discount is available for Physiotherapy Pain Association members.